Jr. Bellies Celebrate Minor Lacrosse Night for Home Opener

by Gary McLaughlin

The NW Jr. Bellies will have a special promotion for their upcoming home opener this Sunday afternoon, May 5th, 5:00 pm at Queens Park Arena where they will entertain the Nanaimo Timbermen. In conjunction with NW Minor Lacrosse, all minor players in their jerseys will be admitted for free. There will be prize giveaways of Bellies clothing and merchandise as well as tickets for future Bellies games, both junior and senior., A predicted sizeable 50/50 draw will be held, as well as two mini games scheduled between periods, featuring Tykes and Mini-Tykes, Upon the culimination of the game, all minor players will be invited to an on-the-floor autograph session with the players! and, a tour of the Bellies dressing room! where the players will greet them and answer their questions. For the parents, the always popular 'Bellies Store' will be open all game as well.The junior Bellies salute all minor lacrosse organizations and the  players who make our junior teams possible through their programs and dedication throughout the year. We welcome you all this Sunday!